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Labour Mediation

Unions and Employers will often disagree on workplace matters.  Grievances are filed, there are difficult collective bargaining sessions, and often other matters creep up which defy categorization.  In addition, perhaps each side thinks that the other is unable to move, intransigent.

Sometimes a third party is needed to get people talking again.

Lawrie Cherniack can provide that service.

Lawrie Cherniack left the practice of labour law at the end of 2006 to pursue a career in conflict resolution.  After over 31 years of advocacy, he wanted to make a contribution to the workplace by helping unions and employers to resolve their differences rather than to continue fighting about their differences.

Lawrie’s experience in this area is considerable, and his passion for resolving differences is exemplified by his willingness to give up the practice of labour law advocacy completely to establish himself as a neutral third party.

Lawrie was awarded Chartered Arbitrator by the ADR Institute of Canada.  He can provide parties with clear and neutral assessments of their relative chances if their disputes were adjudicated.  

Lawrie can also help the parties in developing creative solutions to their disputes.  If you are faced with a pile of grievances that are going to take up all your time, let Lawrie come in to help union and management resolve them.

Lawrie can provide a wide range of Alternative Dispute Resolution (opens up in a new page).