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When parties can’t resolve their own differences, they often call on a mediator to help them.  A mediator helps parties find solutions that they can agree on.  There are many methods of mediating.  A good mediator develops the method of mediation with the parties.

The most remarkable outcome of mediation occurs when parties find their own solution to their dispute, a far more creative one than any decision imposed by an adjudicator.


Lawrie Cherniack is available to do any kind of mediation.

He has successfully mediated complex conflicts in aboriginal, human rights law, construction, and wrongful dismissal and insurance law, often with three parties and their legal counsel, involved.  He has also successfully mediated simple private party issues.

His extensive experience in virtually every area of the law, combined with his skills and training in working with people from all walks of life, give him the capacity to help turn destructive conflicts into constructive resolutions.

Lawrie’s knowledge and experience can help parties resolve their misunderstandings and disputes.

Lawrie Cherniack has been awarded the prestigious Chartered Mediator status by the ADR Institute of Canada, the national professional certification body.