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Lawrie was trained at the University of Chicago in 1967 as a teacher of adults, and has been creating and teaching courses ever since.  It is his belief, as well as his own experience, that most technical and legal concepts can be understood by virtually anyone regardless of education or experience.

He has created and taught courses or given workshops across Canada for such organizations as the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba, The Executive Council, the Asper School of Business Executive Outreach Branch, Alberta community colleges (for staff and administration), the Arbitration and Mediation Institutes of both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the Industrial Relations Institute, numerous unions, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, numerous Manitoba statutory tribunals, the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation, as well as the overall organization of the Association of Manitoba Tribunals, the Public Service Commission of Saskatchewan, Nunavut College (Rankin Inlet),  the University of Manitoba (Faculties of Law, English, Economics; and Continuing Education for Labour Certificate and Human Resources Certificates).

His courses have varied from half-day to an intensive ten days and to an academic term.  Depending on the time allotted, he uses various techniques that draw in the participants, including reality-based fictional scenarios in which participants learn progressively more complex skills by conducting actual cases.  

Contact Lawrie for numerous examples of courses he has already created.