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Union and Management relations in terrible shape?

Grievances unresolved?

Difficulties in reaching a collective agreement?

Labour Mediation

Harassment complaints?

Formal harassment complaint policy costing time and money?

Formal harassment complaint policy not resolving issues but increasing workplace stress?

Harassment Resolution

Management and Union looking for quick and insightful resolution of grievances going to arbitration?

Labour Arbitration

The cost of workplace conflict and when to call in a third party

Employees in conflict with other employees?

Employee morale low?

Problems with stress leaves?

Employees and supervisors at odds?

Workplace Mediation

What is

Conflicts sap the lifeblood out of workplaces.

When they erupt, they cost an employer time and money, and affect productivity.  Small and medium businesses can now have what large corporations, governments and institutions already have:

can resolve workplace conflicts in a cost-effective and preventative way.

A completely new service for small and medium-sized employers in Manitoba.

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