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is a neutral, independent, confidential resource who investigates and resolves workplace conflicts.  

An ombudsman handles complaints or problems.  An ombudsman transforms conflict into creative teamwork, resolves allegations of harassment, employment inequity, unfair treatment, and discrimination.  An ombudsman identifies good employment practices, encourages employees to seek help to deal with problems, addresses concerns by investigating and supplying needed information.  

Above all, an ombudsman at the workplace shows employees that the employer truly wants to be fair.  

Large Corporations like Coca Cola, Chevron, United Technologies, Shell, American Express, and institutions like Hydro Québec, universities in the United States and Canada, and governments, have institutional workplace ombudsmen who deal with workplace conflicts.  

These large organizations know the clear advantages of a workplace ombudsman—lower legal costs, higher employee morale and productivity, preventative conflict resolution.

This service is now available to the small and middle-sized corporation which cannot justify having its own ombudsman office.  Lawrie Cherniack now offers an ombudsman service tailor-made for your workplace.


What is

A completely new service for small and medium-sized employers in Manitoba.

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