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Education takes many forms.

Lawrie’s experience and training has given him the opportunity to help individuals, groups, and organizations, in many different ways to reach understandings of complex concepts and issues and to develop communication, leadership, and cooperation skills.


Enhance your organization's ability to move forward by offering courses that enhance knowledge about complex issues and communication skills.

Lawrie Cherniack can also customize any of his existing and effective courses on general law, arbitration law and advocacy, strategy, negotiating, interviewing, assessing evidence, supervising, discipline and discharge, to make them more relevant for your organization.


Individuals or groups of individuals in your organization may need assistance in developing their leadership potential, in communicating with others, in becoming part of a team.

Lawrie Cherniack’s experience and training can help in that regard.

One-on-one or group sessions can be powerful, effective, and (in the long term) inexpensive ways to enhance morale and retain the expertise and experience of individuals in your organization.