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Even when Lawrie was a nominee of one party in an arbitration, he always made his decision based on his own findings of fact and the law.  This meant that at times his decision would go against his nominators’ position.  At times, of course, this was not appreciated by his nominators, but it was important for Lawrie to preserve his sense of fairness.

As a neutral arbitrator, he makes decisions based on established jurisprudence and the facts as he objectively find them.  He knows and appreciates arbitral jurisprudence, and believes in the importance of acting within that tradition.

As a practising litigator for over 31 years, Lawrie also understands the importance of setting up and holding hearings–as well as reaching and writing a decision–on a timely basis, and will accommodate parties to reach a timely resolution to their disputes.

Arbitration as a last resort to conflict resolution has a long-standing history in labour-management relations.  Lawrie knows the history, the tradition, and the practice.  If you can’t find a way to resolve your labour-management grievances or differences, Lawrie can provide timely, thoughtful, independent, fair, and insightful arbitration decisions, either as a sole arbitrator or as the chair of a three-person board.

Labour Arbitration

Unions and employers often need a neutral third party to resolve their differences–whether those differences have to do with interests (terms and conditions of collective agreements) or rights under the collective agreement.

Lawrie Cherniack is available to sit as an arbitrator.  His many years of experience in labour law guarantee a fair hearing conducted with a quick understanding of the issues.