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Mediation and Arbitration are not the only way to resolve disputes.  Often the parties simply need some information or a jump-start and they can resolve their own differences.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Neutral Investigation, Evaluation and Fact-finding:  Objective assessments of conflicting versions of facts.  Lawrie’s experience as a lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator, allows him to interview participants and witnesses thoroughly and to arrive at a sense of what probably occurred.  

Advisory opinions: Objective but non-binding assessments of cases among parties.  It may not be necessary to go to the expense of a formal adjudication.  Lawrie can meet informally with both parties and give a sense of what would probably happen at that adjudication.

Facilitation: Facilitation of decision-making at meetings.  Often contentious issues simply require a person to help meetings succeed.  Lawrie has had extensive training and experience (and success) in this field.